I have so much more to do tonight than write another blog, but during a random check of the site I came across a blog that upset me so much I posted a link to it on my Facebook account for my friends to respond to, and I am back here writing about my shock.

My husband has been telling me that there are people out there who say that the tragedies of September 11th, 2001 were a hoax, a so-called “false-flag operation” designed to create sympathy for and extend the power of the United States.  Personally, I thought my husband was full of crap–that there really couldn’t be people out there who would believe that.  And then I saw this blog today, which I will not even link to because it upset me so much.  What he wrote seemed to make some sense, but it was his hatred and his superior attitude towards the person who wrote to disagree with him that has me stunned.  It wasn’t in his blog where he became a juvenile in my eyes, it was his reply comment.

Well, I made my own comment to him, which is currently awaiting moderation, and I can just imagine what he will say to me in response to my request for proof of his claims.  I am willing to admit that there is a shred of plausibility to the idea of this claim, but I want proof from his end, and meaningful and substansial proof.  On this end, I have seen the Pentagon, heard from a soldier who helped sort through the wreckage, and I have already posted my photos from Shanksville in an earlier post.

I refuse to allow anyone to call me part of an “ignorant, dumbed-down public.”  And I do not believe any of my friends, professors, fellow students or family would allow themselves to be classed this way, either.  He can believe all he wants–doesn’t matter to me one iota–but he can keep the name-calling to the playground where it belongs . . .