After The BIG Moment – Mrs. Safety

And this is the end for me tonight, but it is nice to show both sides of a story and it was cool to listen to Steph’s views on bridesmaids. I eloped, but it may be important to someone else.

Oh–I am including this note posted by Cory on the YouTube site, for I am shocked by the viciousness of some people out on the web. I applaud his actions and comments!

Here is the man himself:

“I DISABLED COMMENTS BECAUSE… This is Cory “Mr. Safety” and I disabled Steph’s comments because a lot of people came here and did nothing but abuse her. I’m not going to put up with this kind of shit here because she’s a sweet innocent woman who doesn’t act that way towards anyone. If any of you have a problem with her… deal with it. To me she is the most beautiful woman in the world and nothing will ever change my mind.

To everyone else who left real comments, thank you : )”