I turned on my computer and went to my favorite sites–checked my Yahoo mail off of my Yahoo home page, followed the one message to Facebook to read that message, and came here to check my blog stats out of sheer curiosity and admittedly a writer’s addiction to see if anyone out there is reading and appreciating what she writes. Before I decided to leave, I checked TagSurfer to see what has been posted in the six hours or so since the last time I checked–yes, you got it, I am procrastinating!

Still, the exercise was worth the time, for I found a few that relate to topics discussed in one of my classes, and helps in leading me back to what I need to do for the next class meeting. And, I found yet another NaNoWriMo writer–for excitedly I have found a few in just these past few days, and on a forum with a website that isn’t bogged down by thousands of people logging in at once like on the official site.

This particular NaNoWriMo entry detailed the woman’s struggle with her fear of failure, and I loved her artistic rendering of this fear of a giant ringing her door bell and telling her that she would fail once again. Maybe I identify with her entry so much because it is part of why I am procrastinating so with my own writing–my own fear of failure. Or even crazier, I have often written that I have a fear of success (but will write about that another time).

As I wrote in a comment that is awaiting moderation:

Thank you for reminding me why I turned on my computer in the first place–to write today’s installment of my NaNoWriMo opus. I am glad that you managed to fight your fear of failure!

Also, thank you for the first entry of yours that I saw tonight through my TagSurfing, on your definition of a blended family. I am a graduate student, with one of my classes being American English Grammar, and I loved the break-down of the meaning of the word and what it means to those actually living the reality of a blended family.

And now I remember what I have to work on after my NaNo writing . . . more homework. At least what I learn in my classes goes to helping with my passion for writing and films, so it is time well spent.

Good luck with your quest to 50,000! You’ll make it–don’t worry! Just keep up the strength that helps you deal with any step-mothering issues, and that strength will see you through this relatively short struggle . . .

And with that reminder to myself as to why I turned on this modern device that is supposed to help me with my writing but manages to give me so many distractions to keep me from it as well, I must wrap up this entry and go about what I am truly meant to do with my time. I am after all a writer at heart, and while this kind of writing in a blog is good for me and takes me towards where I want to go with my life, my true passion is memoir, fiction and screenplays. After all, I am spending all that time in school to help me be the best at my chosen craft, so I might as well exercise my already numbing fingers (damn neuropathy!) and let out the deepest part of my brain that NEEDS to get this story out. I woke up out of a nap with this need to write, so why am I still doing something else an hour later?

I must go . . .