I saw my doctor today, and all is good with the tests that I had, except for the UTI, but that’s routine for me to come up with one whenever I am routinely tested–just a common condition for me. He still wants me to get the Upper GI thing, and he gave me a script for another test based on a script written by my urologist in February, that I hadn’t followed up on. This one is an ultrasound for my kidney’s and bladder, because it is good to check those areas out every now and then with the problems that I have. Sigh. It’s okay though–it is good to get the tests and make sure everything is okay. Better to be tested and not have anything wrong than to not be tested and have something sneak up on me. Just sick of being sick is all . . .

I go take nappy now, so very very tired. I take a prescription birth control pill for the hormones, to keep me regular after having my tubal ligation. And the pill I have is called Seasonele, and it comes in a three-month packet that has active pills for two full months and most of the third, and the last week is the placebos that allow the cycle. Pretty cool since when I had my cycles before I would get so sick that I could barely leave my bed for the cramps kept me curled up in a ball. The depression was pretty bad, too, for my hormones were so out of whack then. The Seasonele is great because I only get some light bleed-through every now and then, and I do not get the awful pain and depression I used to with my cycles when I used other forms of birth control/hormone replacement. But I am exceptionally sleepy–probably drained from the slight blood loss, this being the one week out of the three months that I get the cycle, so I need to go to bed for a nap before my beloved boy comes home from school. Sleepy is better than crying from pain or utter despair, yes? Thank you, Seasonele! Watch, they’ll contact me to do an add for them. Just kidding, but who knows how the ad people get their ideas? And I think I would promote them, for the contrast between how I feel this week as opposed to cycles I had before where I just wanted to die from the pain or the sadness is incredible. I’m actually feeling quite content right now, and I have every right to be stressed because of the homework load and NaNoWriMo–both of which I am behind on, but I will not worry about either right now. Recharging batteries must come first!

Note to self: Doctor said to take OsCal or Caltrate to get 1000 mg a day of Calcium for pre-menoposal women, especially since my mother is on the Fosamax. He also said to take Vitamin D as well. Should start I drinking the whole milk again, instead of the skim I’ve been on since the gastric bypass? Probably not, for the skim was heavily recommended to me by the dieticians, and whole milk tastes a little funny now that I am used to skim.

Nighty night!