Feeling really terrible today–mostly just sleepy, but I am upset that I slept all day when I had homework to finish for tonight.  I will still go, because I missed last week.  I feel like a jerk, but such is life–I just have to keep plodding along.  Being there for the discussion will be good still, and I can give my little presentation on Noam Chomsky, my adopted linguist.  I will not mention his politics, however–my husband ranted and raved how he is all wrong, etc.  This is my American English Grammar class and not political science, so I will focus on the important impact he had on the fields of linguistics and psychology.

I’ve noticed my blog hits have risen quite a bit recently after I wrote the posts that part of me want to pull because they are so revealing and embarrassing.  However, since these popular entries are pretty much excerpts of what I am incorporating into my NaNoWriMo project, I take this to heart that maybe my completed novel/screenplay will have an audience.  And even though I have only gotten a few comments–thank you posters, you made my day when I read how I impacted you and got to meet you!!!!–I hope I have been able to help/inspire other people to make their lives better.

I must go.  My son is home and happily playing with his Thomas the Tank engine toys and I need to take a shower before class, for I stink!  Almost too tired to go through the physical exertion of a shower, for it does kinda hurt some days when I am sore, but if I can smell myself now as I sit here typing, I can imagine knocking out my classmates from their desks!  So get wet I must, and put on clothes that are not pajamas.  I love my pajamas, so comfy . . . the material doesn’t hurt my body when I am achy.  But such is life.

Until later!  Thanks for reading!