I am so happy that is over.  At least they flavor the barium so it doesn’t taste as bad as I remembered having it about ten years ago–or whenever the last time I had it done, maybe four years ago when I had my gallbladder removed.  When the lady gave me the crystals to swallow, she told me that it would make me want to burp, and that I should hold it in as best as possible, for it would make me gaseous.  To anyone who has had a gastric bypass, or is thinking of getting one, this means gas coming out the “other” end, for there really isn’t much control over that in the body any more–when gas wants to fly it happens, and if you mess up and eat the wrong foods (like I often do, lazy college student that I am living out of vending machines when I run late to class without eating dinner first!) you may be as stinky as Pepe ‘Le Pew!  She was told me that the gas would hit my upper region first, and that I shouldn’t worry, and she was right.  As soon as I had the crystals in my mouth and swallowed them–perhaps even before I first drank some barium–I let out a healthy burp before I remembered her edict not to burp.  Oops!  Ex-squeeze me!

Sorry, my son has just been introduced to the world of Star Wars and he loves Jar Jar Binks, and we are walking along and he keeps breaking out in imitations of the annoying character!  My husband says that it is an important character for the trilogy, but he wishes they had created his own language for him and used subtitles, so we wouldn’t be hearing the mangled English that makes me want to strangle the lanky creature that amuses my son so much!  I’m having enough trouble teaching him proper spelling and pronunciation!

Another reason for my posting, beyond my extreme joy that I broke my fast finally, is that I learned a nice little lesson about money management, and I wanted to write it down and share it before I forget what I learned out of some silly reason or another.   In fact, the lesson is that when it comes to managing money, I need to write it down–in the little book, and keep track of everything and not trust what the little slip of paper mini-statement tells me!  I asked my husband if he could help me next semester to relearn about finances, for it has been awhile since I’ve had to really balance anything, but he thinks this is lesson enough for me that I should be more responsible next time.  And that it proves what he told me–that when I get my student loan refund to not spend it, to let it alone.  Next time I will have to do better, because I need to set aside money for summer classes if I am going to take them.

What stinks is that the check that bounced was for Scholastic Books (I had written it weeks beforehand, and had expected them to have cashed it before I stupidly spent more than my share) and what pushed me over the limit was probably a joint trip to McDonald’s and Wal-Mart on a night that I was too drained to go up to school and go through a class that I had not been able to get my work done for because after my trainer got done with me that day I went home and slept during the time that I would have studied.  Ian needed to be fed, and while we were out I got him a new winter coat, hat and gloves.  My main expenditures this semester went to obsessed spending on books and DVD’s and a CD of or on Stephen King, for I would like to do a thesis on him and adaptations of his films and how his work influences popular culture.  Beyond that, I went insane buying movies, because I love watching some things over and over to study them and watch the special features, which I do not always have time to do with rentals.  My husband was understandably upset with me for my purchases, but he was also bemused because he saw my personality take shape in what I considered important enough to buy when I didn’t want to spend money.  Also probably because everything I bought, except for things for Ian and some clothes for myself–from Goodwill and Salvation Army and a few pairs of pants and underwear at Wal-Mart–to spice up my wardrobe and keep me comfortably clad (I gained a bit of weight back, so had to replaces some basics like jeans)–was either academically related or in aid of my pursuit of a professional career.  Oh well.  Lesson learned . . . I hope.

Since I’ve been up since 2 am, I think I am entitled to an afternoon nap before Ian gets home from school, and before I have to go to school myself.  I’d say good night, but . . .