Motherhood Monday Meme #17

Write about a playdate gone bad.
Which characters conflict and why?

What you write does not have to be a completed story—but remember that Anonymom is a fan of flash fiction, micro fiction, and ultra-short compositions. Try to pack a lot in a little space. Poetry welcomed, too.


“Now Jessie, you know that Cara is really shy, so you may want to relax a little with the hugs when she comes.  I know you just love everybody, honey, but some people aren’t comfortable with being hugged by people when they first meet them,” said Angela Wolfe, as she brushed her four-year old daughter’s hair from her eyes–a losing battle since her wispy blonde hair defied being held by any child-size barrettes or hair-ties.

“But when can I hug her, Mommy?  After we play Candyland, or Hopscotch, or I take her to meet Spike?” Jessie wondered, her wide-blue eyes looking up at her mother, dazzling the radiance and innocence of a child that young.

“We’ll see, sweetheart–we’ll play it by ear,” answered her mother.

“We’re going to play with her ears?  But you said Mommy, that we should never play with people’s ears because it is not nice and we could pull out someone’s earring and rip their ears and draw blood and stuff!  Ewwwww!” Jessie squealed.

“I should know better than to use metaphors and similes with you by now . . . it means we will see how Cara acts when she is here.  I’ll let you know if I think she is comfortable enough with you to let you hug her.  We just have to be careful, because she hasn’t played with very many other children yet, and with school coming up, my cousin wanted to bring her over so our daughters could get to know one another.  You’re so open and friendly Joyce thought you would be a great first friend for Cara!”

“I promise, Mommy, that I will be a very good girl and I will be on my bestest behavior!  Will you take me to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal if I am a good girl?”

“Sweetheart, I shouldn’t have to bribe you to be a good girl–you should want to be nice to your new friend because she is a person and you like her, not because you were promised a prize as a result of good behavior.  However, I think that is a good idea.  I will ask Joyce if it is okay if we go up to McDonald’s and I can get you both Happy Meal’s.”

“Awww–I didn’t want to take her, too!  I wanted it just to be us!”

“Now Jessie–don’t whine, please.  I don’t want to get a migraine.  This is important for me, because my cousin was really close to me growing up even though we drifted apart as adults, and since she asked me a favor, I want to do my best to honor it.  Don’t I teach you  to honor people who ask you for favors, like when Grandma asks you to help feed her canary?  And there will be plenty of times when it will be ‘just us’ at McDonald’s.  This time, though, you’ll have a friend to play on the playground with.”

“Oh, okay Mommy.  I’ll be nice, and I like to do favors for people.  Grandma gives me candy when I feed Budgie!”

“Oh–you are so missing the point!  Look, it’s almost two o’clock–when they are supposed to be here.  Do you need to go potty before they get here?”

“I already went number one and number two in my pants . . . I’m sorry mommy.  I was getting nervous about Cara coming and I forgot to run to the bathroom.  I’ll try real hard to not have an accident when Cara is here . . .” cried Jessie.

“Oh, let’s go change you.  I should have started to potty-training you earlier, but those child-rearing manuals said not to push a child who wasn’t ready or showing interest, but school is approaching so I couldn’t wait any longer, and it’s long past when you should have learned.  You’ll get better in time.  We still have a couple of months until school starts.”

Mother and daughter rush upstairs to the Jessie’s purple bedroom and hurriedly change her clothes, all the while Angela is listening for the sound of a car in the driveway.  She finally heard it while she and Jessie were debating which new dress to put on, Jessie trying to pull her favorite dress with Dora on it from the hamper, her mother pulling on her purple knit dress that she got from Aunt Joyce for her last birthday.  Angela prayed that Joyce wouldn’t give up and leave when they didn’t make it to the door right away, but she was surprised that she didn’t hear the door bell.

Finally, the mother and daughter went downstairs and opened the front door, and were perplexed when they saw Cara and Joyce sitting in the car with frightened expressions on their faces, making no move to get out.   Angela began to go outside to find out what the problem was, when Jessie sqealed, “Mommy, look–Mr. Rutherford’s pig Chester is in our yard!”

“Well, that explains a lot.  I’ll go and get Mr. Rutherford to come get Chester, and maybe then we can get them to come in the house.  Here I was worried about you overwhelming Cara, but Chester beat us to it.  Hope she’s not too traumatized!”


Well, that is my installment for this prompt.  Got me writing at least.  And it gave me experience fictionalizing a true event, for I really did have a play-date to get my mom’s cousin’s daughter ready for kindergarten, and the pig really did keep them in their car until we finally figured out why they didn’t come in the house.  I don’t really like how I ended that, for it isn’t as funny as it was in real life, but I have so much homework that I must be doing I will have to leave any changes to another day.