Christmas pugs

I left a comment on the website Don’t Make Me Get the Flying Monkeys, by PalofMine, in response to her picture of their beloved pug, and I thought it deserved to be shared here, for my wanting this dog is a large part of me and who I am–it is my nature to gravitate to dogs and have them love me–they know I am one of them!

The comment:

I’m so jealous–I’m a dog person–even born in 1970, the Chinese year of the Dog–and all we have are cats! My husband and our son want a beagle, because it is a tradition for a male in the family to have one. However, our eldest cat has “nervous issues” and had to go on Prozac after we got the second much younger cat, because she peed all over the place, just like she did when our son was born. Our veterinarian was concerned that she would act up again if we got a dog–so if the boys didn’t get their precious beagle, I will never get the pug I have been wanting for the past decade or so. Oh well–I had promised myself, if I couldn’t have a child, I would get my doggie, and I have a beautiful son instead, so all is good. I am so happy that you have your pug as a member in your family, though!

By the way, I have an air freshener in my car that says “Don’t Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys,” so I was excited to see your logos when you posted on my page. I confess I copied the image and I am using the picture as my profile portrait right now–Thanksgiving break for a grad student is more about homework (three papers, an essay, and a journal to revise) than the turkey, and it has left me a little cranky! 🙂

flying monkeys

Our beloved kitties:

Phoebe and Gizmo

The cats under the Christmas tree last year, camped out on top of our Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Railroad set. Gizmo loved to chew on the needles of the artificial tree–I’m not looking forward to putting it up again and trying to keep her out of the tree and from stealing the ornaments. Phoebe could care less–she’s happy to just nap there!

Gizmo not happy

Gizmo cranky

Gizmo, reacting to my husband’s sister’s cat, Princess–jealous little thing, isn’t she? This is Phoebe’s normal reaction to her, so it is funny that I got a shot of Gizmo acting this way. Phoebe just wants to rest and sleep, and Gizmo jumps on her, getting Phoebe to hiss and howl like crazy!

Princess the Parrot

Princess, the cat that dared to come on a visit and intrude on Gizmo’s territory that she claims on the weekends at my mother-in-law’s house where my husband and son go so mommy can get work done (ah, yes–that is why the house is quiet–I’m supposed to be doing homework–oops!!!!) and Phoebe gets a break from Gizmo. The basement here is set up for play internet LAN games with my husband and his two buddies. I play along when I can.

Princess spent a lot of her time while I was there on my shoulder–safe place away from Gizmo! She’ll be visiting for Thanksgiving–wonder what will happen this time? More hissing from Gizmo?


Our son shows off to his cousin–fresh from her bath and squeaky clean–just how big our cat is next to her kitten. Phoebe weighs around 16 pounds–Gizmo barely five, and who knows about the tiny one!

Three cats

Our son with the three cats–surprisingly, Phoebe–who was visiting from her beloved home that weekend to be introduced to Ian’s cousins–was surprisingly tolerant of Princess. As much as she hisses at home, she is an angel elsewhere–like at the vet, she didn’t make a sound while Gizmo was making so much noise she was scaring dogs in the waiting room. Gizmo, when introduced to one dog who hadn’t yet met a cat, swatted at the poor thing! Feisty little creature.

Phoebe as angel

My comfort on my worst days, and my joy on the happy days–truly my best friend in good times and bad. She was there for me during my illness from Graves’ Disease and the pregnancy that came soon after, and all these years she’s curled up next to me or come to check on me when she knows I am not well–my little nurse! Angel of comfort!

Phoebe sleeping

Phoebe asleep on mommy’s favorite reading chair in her office. Gizmo usually sleeps nearby on the desk chair, atop a purple, black and white striped blanket.

Gizmo power napping

Proof Gizmo sleeps–power napping after pouncing on Phoebe, probably, or chewing on my husband’s hands!

What Phoebe thinks of Gizmo

This is what Phoebe really thinks of Gizmo when she is being a pain. Also, I took that to be what she thinks of my doing homework on Saturday nights, which I often have to do. So I am usually a party pooper–being a grad student and mommy is tough work!

Gizmo yawning

Gizmo yawning as I interrupt a nap on our son’s bed.

Gizmo looking out at world

Gizmo looking out at the world, sitting on my desk where she shouldn’t be, but I can’t blame her for her curiosity. There is a four-lane highway out there to watch, after all. And in the back yard out of the bedroom window, we’ve had deer, bunnies, other cats and lots of birds to watch.


Our agoraphobic cat looking out at the world from the safety behind the screen door. And I’m not kidding about that title–she was a stray we got from the humane society when she was around six months old and she must have had a bad time at that, for she hates to be outside. When we lived in Altoona and we visited my in-laws on the weekends and took her with, she often jumped out of the car and ran straight up the sidewalk to the door. No chance of her running away! The neighborhood kids used to bring white strays to me and tell me they found my cat–“Can’t be–for one, she won’t go outside and two, she’s twice the size of that cat”–and if Phoebe was around, I brought her out to show them the vast difference in sizes, much to their amazement. When we moved, two of my husband’s friends helped us, and they had the door open for hours before one of them wondered, “Oh my–what if the cat escaped!” My husband just laughed and told them it was virtually impossible, and that she was hiding somewhere because they were there. We’ve already demonstrated by putting her on the porch to watch her dart right back in.


Gizmo in the basement, getting into trouble going where she isn’t supposed to be!

Gizmo nap

Any place for a nap–and she gets in trouble with Grandma when she does this!

Well . . .

Despite all of the work I need to do, I am going to go play World of Warcraft with my husband to blow off some steam and spend time with him. This is what he does to relax, so I go by the adage, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” At least he pays attention to me then!

World of Warcraft Wallpaper

First place winner at World of Warcraft Wallpaper Contest, 2007