I seem to get most of my motivations to write from other blogs or short pieces that I read written by fellow bloggers. I know I should read more novels in my genre to focus me on what I want to write, but I see that reading about people’s real lives and their short pieces shared via this wonderful and distracting tool the internet is doing me a lot of good, too.

In response to a wonderful entry on the Six Sentences website, PTA Newsletter by Tara Lazar, I had this response to the story and comments to it:

I agree–I would love to see that sequel! Your latest installment was so beautiful–sounds like it could have come out of a real newsletter with all the details in it.

About that number–I used to have to punch in a code to get into the place I worked, and I almost always got there at the same time as a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde boy–I cringed everytime I had to key “6969”! I had to start my day with, “Thou shalt have no dirty thoughts about the incredibly cute boy . . .”

Thank you for the unintentional writing prompt–I think I will run with it!

From the sequel comment, I was just reminded of a series of flash fiction that I had started in a creative fiction class, and I will get out my initial writing and revise it and write the series spinning off of it that I have outlined in notes. Being reminded of a project that makes me smile was worth doing a little more surfing before returning to bed, checking one special blog in particular–Anonymom, for she serves as a muse and mentor with what she shares in her blog and short pieces.

What I can do with that remembrance of the “6969” story– I can write a short piece about it highlighting a girl’s embarrassment and struggle not to have “dirty thoughts” about a boy while she is working a boring job. Just remembering this one scene reminds me that I have a plethora of strange events like that in my past, and maybe I need to dig up some old memories, like reading past journals, for inspiration and direction. The adage is to “write what you know,” right? Fresh little stories like that will help me improve my writing, keeping the focus on the one scene telling the whole story, and writing humor will help me move away from the depressive tendency I have had in my writing lately because of present circumstances.

So, is that my writing lesson for the day? Hmmm . . . I love DVD extras because I learn so much about filmmaking that when I watch them I feel like I have just been in class that focused on what I so much to learn. Maybe what these websites I am learning about is my own personal writing school. So happy about that, because I checked the prices of online writing courses (none in my school’s program for creative writing at the graduate level that I know about, for they are focused on preparing the student for teaching) and the prices were astronomical next to my paltry budget! I think I will take this “poor man’s” schooling and run with it! I’ll take my next step with this week’s Motherhood Monday prompt and go from there . . .