I don’t mind these pingbacks I have been finding, but at least they pingbacked and I knew that I had my work posted on another blog.  However, Techorati took me to a link that I had not had notice of, channel sq for wedding news.  There is a link that leads the reader back to my page, so it’s not like the submitter is trying to steal credit, but I wish I had a choice about whether someone could put any excerpt of my work on their website.

Okay, I have excerpted others myself and linked back to them to give them credit, so that’s not what I am upset about really.  It’s the “wedding issue” that has me angry.  I’m really, really pissed about having my work featured on a website that obsesses about stuff that I despise–the frippery of planning a wedding and all that jazz.  I eloped because I don’t think all that is important (and we couldn’t afford it), and was upset that my mother put us through a wedding reception that I really wished we could have avoided.  If someone wants a wedding with all the trimmings, I’m glad for them–let them do it, for I’m not going to tell them what to do based on my personal preferences.  However, I just don’t feel like listening to people talk about all the planning and all their indecisions about guest lists, napkins, organ music and what-not–just keep me out of your wedding obsession, thank you!  These girls and families stress themselves out so much and so much money is spent that could have been spent on better things that help out the newlyweds (though the presents do help them with money and appliances and stuff they need for their new home).

I believe I am jaded by the high divorce rate (and by my own unhappiness at being married), for I have seen too many people go through all this pomp and circumstance only to be divorced a few years later, and soon after that, back on the merry-go-round with another partner and back to the dress shop they go.  I know people want their wedding day to be “something to remember,” but I have a fantasy about people focusing more on their love for each other and the reason for the day than getting all worked up about caterers, rehearsal dinners and reception halls.  How about having a big party like this for their five or ten year anniversary?  🙂  I’m living in a dream world, right?

Okay–rant over.  Now back to the work I turned my computer on to do!

I wonder–is this going to end up on their website as well . . .