I still find myself short in personal observations related to language, writing and grammar, so I will write a post that has been on my mind since we were given the assignment, but I was afraid that some might find my analaysis offensive, even if it is meant in praise.  However, after my last entry on “The F-Word,” I guess any chance that I could have this blog and not offend someone has already gone out the window, so I will proceed.

As a thirty-something white woman, I have observed many things watching people around me, especially those of other cultures or races.  Most of my experience lately has come from the dining hall on campus, so I’ll start there.

I write today in praise of the bold and beautiful black woman.  The ladies that I see and hear around me are incredibly buoyant, vivacious, and LOUD and PROUD!  It doesn’t matter where I sit, near or far, I often have overheard the most amusing exclamations, quotes and stories that make me chuckle, because these ladies do not mince words.  If they have an opinion they will give it to you straight out with no sugar-coating.  None of this hemming and hawing stuff like, “You know, maybe you really shouldn’t drink that much when you party,” these ladies will practically–or sometimes quite literally–knock someone upside the head with statements like, “Damn, fool!  You shoulda known better than that!  What did you think was gonna happen when you drank four forties–that you wouldn’t make an ass out of yourself braying like a donkey, singing away and hitting on everything with a skirt except the girl you brought with you? ”  The candor I have witnessed among these young black females is amazing and refreshing!  I love the silking tones and the intonations of their voices, like listening to rhythmic music.  So often when I hear a particularly lovely voice on the phone that carries just a tinge more expression and vigor than most telemarketers or customer service representatives, I am so tempted to ask if the speaker is a black woman, because I love their voices so much.  The pitches these ladies can hit when they are excited could shatter glass, especially when they see someone they know across the room or are surprised!  They startle me often, and it is hard to study around them, but for sheer cultural study, I find it blessedly calming just to sit there and watch a young black woman emote.  Ladies like me who have been trained to be more demure and not quite speak their minds could learn a lesson or two from them!