I changed around my Facebook profile, but I didn’t just want to delete the information that I pulled off of there to make room for new comments and interests, so I decided to save it here and share with my readers, whomever you may be.


“More often than not, it will turn out to be some choice made relatively far back in the past.” –A.J. Toynbee (1889-1975), British historian

Written in the past year, upon realizing the true nature of how we determine our own fate (and probably reflecting upon the above Toynbee quotation):

“We human beings do have some genuine freedom of choice and therefore some effective control over our own destinies. I am not a determinist, but I also believe that the decisive choice is seldom the latest choice in the series.” –Lori Marie Ferguson
Written years ago while working in a factory–this was how I felt for so long, but for once I feel like I am home and where I belong. Still, I post this because this was a part of me until quite recently:

“I am like a bud on a vine of morning glory which suddenly finds itself placed in a desert wasteland and yearns for the morning dew to nourish it and ends up being choked by the vine for a lack of moisture to revive it.”
—–Lori Marie Ferguson, nee’ Greisemer