Revitalizing Lamentations

I know that the other night I wrote in utter pain about finally being able to weep over some pain in my life, but tonight the tears I cried after watching a movie were happy, nostalgic tears of renewal. I found the sweet tender ending of Timeline heart-warming and life-affirming, and it led me to my computer where I began to write and research about the movie, book and author in question that led me to these healing tears. And from there, I went to my bookshelf to find more books by this author and I was uplifted by the memories of all the books that I found in my basement shelves, and by finding the notes for a favorite class “Literature of Emerging Nations,” whose professor I will have again next term for “Women’s Literature: Post-colonial Studies.” And after that, I came back to find my screen-saver up and running, and I got tired of it so I surfed for a new one and came up with a beautiful one of Eowyn, the Lady of Rohan from Lord of the Rings, a heroine of mine since early childhood as the brave slayer of the Nazgul. So I am going to be happy when I wake up my son for school soon. Better than I was the other night.

My journey in the night begun as thus around one in the morning: stressed from my two major research papers that I must turn in next Monday, I figured it would be best if I took a nap at night, when most people sleep, and do a really strange thing and work on my papers during the day after my son goes to school. I put in a movie, for that is one of the few ways I can relax my active mind to get to sleep when I am stressed. My mind is focused on the film and away from the myriad of thoughts clamoring for attention in my distraught brain, and letting a film harness my attention to one point, and I can usually drift off to sleep. Twice this week I blissfully fell asleep to Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, not even making it past the credits, and didn’t get to watch the movie en total until I took a rest break during daylight hours–and heart-broken by the ending, being in a more romantic, sentimental mood this viewing, where last time I was harping on the destruction wreaked by 007 and the insurance claims that must have been filed in his wake. (Okay, sometimes I have a practical side, and it was probably soon after one of my “fun” rear-ending experiences since I received my beloved Saturn Ion. Both times I was hit by young male drivers who were not able to stop in time to miss ramming me during inclement weather.)

Another film that had twice soothed me to sleep was the combination science-fiction and medieval drama Timeline, based on Michael Crichton’s book of that name.

Micheal Crichton Official Website

Michael Crichton


Michael Crichton’s Timeline on his Official Site

with links and descriptions to the novel, the DVD based on the novel, and an awesome Computer Game the movie/history geek in me is dreaming about buying.

Timeline, the Movie

Interview and photos with cast

Crew of Timeline the Movie



Produced by: Paramount Pictures
Directed by: Richard Donner
Written by: George Nolfi
Based on a novel by: Michael Crichton
Paul Walker (Chris Hughes), Gerard Butler (Andre Marek), Billy Connolly (Professor Edward Johnston), Matt Craven (Kramer), Marton Csokas (Robert Dukere), Marie-Josee D’Amours, Ethan Embry (David Stern), Anna Friel (Lady Claire), David LaHaye, Neal McDonough, Frances O’Connor (Kate Erickson), Michael Sheen (Lord Oliver), Rossif Sutherland (Francois), David Thewlis (Robert Donniger), Lambert Wilson (Lord Arnaut)Release Date: November 26, 2003



Homepage for Michael Crichton at Random


Review of Michael Crichton’s Timeline in Rambles–a Cultural Arts Magazine


(Michael Crichton, Timeline Ballantine, 1999)


On his official site for Timeline, a note from Michael Crichton is included on the page sharing the amazing genesis of the project–inspiring me in my own works, giving me hope that my stories that are forming just like his did may also come to the fruition of published novel, film and the bonus of a game based on the ideas that has been percolating in my mind and living in what I have been calling “development hell” while I have been going to school, developing myself as a person, writer and filmmaker, but not having time to create other than what the professors ask of me in assignments that lead me towards my goal of becoming the person I need to be to bring my dreams to reality like Michael Crichton did.


I may seem bold to even compare my current humble beginnings with an important literary and film figure as Mr. Crichton, but at one point, he was also sitting where I sit now, inspired by some writer or filmmaker to write and create the dreams that lived only in his mind, too.

Thank you, Michael Crichton!!!


While I am angry and frustrated by the projects that are demanding my attention . . . the projects that on the surface that seem to have no purpose towards my goals in life . . . I begin to realize the benefits of this work to aiding me to become who I need to be. This is just the proving ground, and I will someday reach that point where I am free to write about the songs in my heart that long to come out. Next semester I will only have two classes, and I pray that leaves me more time to spend with my family, working out and cooking healthy food to improve my health, and writing fiction and other works that may lead to publication.

But for now, I have a young boy to wake up for school, and I find our “cuddle time” before he departs to be essential to his happiness . . . and to mine.