I am writing here to create more awareness of a really cool blog on WordPress that I found today when a post of theirs was featured on the main page.  The blog is De-conversion: Resources for Skeptical, De-converting or Former Christians.

Here is a comment that I left there and I share this to begin a discussion of my religous views, something that I wanted to write about soon anyway. I wanted to create a post titled “Why I am Not a Christian,” but I’ve been so tied up with work that I don’t have time to do it.  In the meantime, this comment lays the foundation for any religious discussion I come up with later.

I am grateful that this post was highlighted on the WordPress page, for I believe I will be coming back to this site to read more in the future, and maybe even ask to be a contributor after my school work is completed for the term.

My religious views are scattered to the point where I don’t know which way is up anymore.  I was raised Lutheran and followed that path until college, then I fell in with Campus Crusade for Christ and was “born again” on a retreat.  Came home and scared my mother over winter break because all I did was read my Bible–she thought I had been brainwashed!  When I went back for spring session, I had Intro. to Philosophy and  World Religions, and was utterly confused by all the similarities between the religions and by all saying that they were the one true religion.  Fell away for awhile, but was brought into a Full Gospel church and then a Christian Fellowship church for a few years–two churches that contradicted each other with one preaching no alcohol–I still remember a girl yelling about how everything from movies, to books to music was “Foul!!!”– and the other group the youth didn’t follow that route.  And the couple that lectured me and a boyfriend about premarital sex, but they had done it themselves before marriage.

Too much hypocrisy, too many people doing things and saying things “in God’s name” or “because it is the Christian thing to do, and then talking behind the person’s back.  I still don’t know if those people were really my friends or if they just pitied me or wanted to keep me in the fold to monitor my then somewhat wild behavior.

Now I lean mostly towards Eastern religions and philosophies and any group that allows me to embrace all religions and peoples and not send me out to condemn and convert other people.  I do not want to be condemned for my Tarot cards or belief in possibly God was an alien (by true definition of one who is not of this world, he is) and that is how so many cultures that didn’t have contact had such similar religions or gods.

But I digress . . .  I am so glad that I found this blog!  Thank you for being out there and banding together!