After all the time I spent on this survey that I got off a girlfriend’s page on MySpace, I decided that it deserved it’s own page. In time, I will add to it with quizzes and other bits of information that highlight the personality of the woman behind the blog. Hope you enjoy these slices of my life, as I place them on this page!

“Tell Everyone About Yourself” Survey


Tell Everyone About Yourself

Time started:: 3:52 am

Basic About you:

Name:: MaraLorelei

Gender:: female

Height:: 5′5

Eye color:: brown

Hair Color:: brown

Age:: 36

Birthday:: December 12

Lefty/righty/ambidextrous:: right

Piercings:: multiple on ears, tongue–want nose pierced next

Tattoos:: six small flowers on waist, done by ex-boyfriend learning to be a tattoo artist

Zodiac Sign:: Sagittarius

Ring Size:: honestly, I don’t remember

Grade:: First year master’s student

More about you:

Are you named after anyone?: not that I know of

Do you live in the moment?: I try to–sometimes it is hard to forget the past and let go of worry for the future–but I am learning to be happy and be more in the here-and-now

Do you consider yourself tolerant to others?: I try to be–don’t always succeed, especially when I am tired and over-exhausted and my patience is gone

Do you have any secrets?: Honestly, we all do to some extent. I usually am upfront about my life, but I am learning to keep some things back and not be as blissfully open as I usually am.

Do you hate yourself?: Finally learning to love myself for the first time in my life!

Do you like your handwriting?: Actually, I love my handwriting–when my hands aren’t cramped from arthritis or numb from neuropathy.

Do you have any bad habits?: “procrastination, staying up too late, doing these surveys”–This answer is out of a friend’s survey, but fits for me. I get distracted easily and “chase shiny objects” like this survey when I should be sleeping, studying, cleaning the house, taking care of the kid, or running errands. I am stressed and a little confused right now, and these diversions help balance me to some sanity.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: I think so–maybe

Any regrets?: Too many regrets–not close enough to family, too many bad relationships, awful jobs filled while on hiatus from college after the terrible flunking out of 1988, not being happy about becoming a mother right away . . . my son is the greatest gift, but I let my health failure detract from my joy of being his mommy in the early years.

Do you think life has been good so far?:What hasn’t been good in my life was used to make me the stronger person I am today, so even the bad stuff must have had a purpose. Following that, I suppose my life has been good so far if the person I am today is the product!

Are you confident?: yes–again, for the first time in my life. New trends!

How long does it take you to shower?: It depends on how much time I have to get ready, and if the hot water runs out before I do.

What color is your room?: white–if I had money, I would paint all the walls either a nice gray or another neutral pastel just to get rid of the white walls the house came with.

Where do you want to attend college?: I graduated IUP in May, and came back to get my Master’s

Do you…?

Smoke?: NO–After years of watching my parents’ health problems because of their smoking and seeing how much money they have spent on cigarettes, I’ve never had the inclination to follow in their footsteps.

Do drugs?: Only what the doctors give me. And since the side effects from my prescription drugs have had me so messed up in the past at time that once I had an addict say to me, “What are you on, girl? I want some, too!” I’ve never felt the need to do illegal drugs . . .

Drink?: rarely, on the occasions I go out to a bar with friends or to a nice restaurant

Go to church?: even more rarely than when I drink–too many bad experiences with churches I prefer to worship in private, in my own way.

Sleep with stuffed animals?: I suppose I should say “no” because of my age, but yes, I do sleep with stuffed animals still–a bunny that makes a great neck pillow when I read, and a huge Eeyore that I can wrap my arms around as I sleep. He doesn’t tend to snore or sweat like my favorite “stuffed animal” in the bed!

Take walks in the rain?: I go to school at IUP–I take walks in the rain on a fairly regular basis just to get to and from class! And, if my son is with me, we have fun dashing in between raindrops and him going out of his way to jump in puddles and splash me, giggling all the way!

Talk to people even if you hate them?: Depends on the person and the situation and whether they want to talk to me.

Drive?: Unfortunately. I used to love it, but it has lost it’s novelty and I hate the fear of accidents, for I’ve been rear-ended twice in the past few years in situations I couldn’t help.

Believe in premarital sex?: It happens–considering the divorce rate, I don’t hold marital standards too highly–as long as people care about each other, I try not to judge.

Want to get married?: “not until I get my PhD…then, we’ll see”–again, my girlfriend’s answer, but since I am already married, that is a non-issue now, isn’t it? I wish I had waited until I got my PhD before I got married, but I had given up on school at that point–or at least never dreamed of going further than the Bachelor’s I finally earned in May–with my husband’s help and support. Maybe it won’t be so bad, it is just sad how much time I will be working on that and not at home with him and our son. But my husband works, too . . . unfortunately, his makes the money to keep us going, what I would be doing would put us further in the hole!

Want to go to college?: already there!

Want to have children?: “ugh no”–again, here’s how she answered and how part of me would answer, considering my health problems and the fact that the doctors think the fibromyalgia hit after I gave birth, but I love my son and wouldn’t give him up for anything!

Sing in the shower?: on very rare and strange occasions, when the mood strikes just right!

Highlight your hair?: no, but I do plan to dye my hair black again somtime soon
Like coffee?: Only if you put it in a latte–coffee straight I cannot stand the smell or taste of, amusing my husband because my favorite ice cream is coffee.

Wear makeup everytime you go out?: only when it is a professional occasion, a dress-up event, or if I really, really feel like it and I actually have the time!

Have you ever…?

Hurt yourself?: Not on purpose, but I am a clutz!

Been out of the country?: sadly, not yet, but after I make my “Big Break” I have promised friends that I would visit them in Japan and Taiwan and Argentina!

Been in love?: I believe so . . .

Done drugs?: Already asked and answered–is this asked twice to see if someone slips in a different answer the second time?

Gone skinny dipping?: Not that I can recall . . .

Had surgery?: by last count, eleven times

Played strip poker?: no

Been on stage?: yes, but it has been awhile since I sang or did drama

Pulled an all nighter?: I’m a grad student–what do you think? Of course! That and I am an natural insomniac and night-owl!

Gone one day without food?: I’ve fasted before, yes, for religious purposes, health reasons, and just because I didn’t feel like it.

Slept all day?: Happens quite a bit with the fibromyalgia. This past Friday was the last time, for I had to recover from a difficult week.

Kissed a stranger?: Yes . . .

Had a dream that came true?: If you mean like how I dreamt that a friend had an accident at a particular intersection and found out later that he did, right around the time I had the dream, then yes, yes I have . . . and that is only one example.

Broken the law?: I plead the fifth . . .

Stolen anything?: . . . on the grounds that it may incriminate me . . .

Seriously, I am a good girl with only minor infractions that most people do because we aren’t paying attention to the speed limit or we are too crazed by our hurried life to care.

Been on radio/tv?: Worked at the campus radio and TV stations–on-air for radio, behind the scenes for TV except for one cameo; was on the news once when interviewed about the coal truck/school bus accident that happened in front of our house as my son was about to get on it!

Been in a mosh-pit?: a few times . . . I’m a bit of a wild-child at heart.

Bungee jumped?: no–but not that wild.

Had a dream that kept coming back?: often–still remember recurring dreams of poison-tailed foxes and another about a fire that was supposed to be at a friend’s house from early childhood.
Gone out of state?: not as much as I would have liked–only as far North as Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, as far South as Wyoming County, West Virginia, as far East as the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey, and as far West as Kent State, Ohio.

Live in other states?: Only in PA for my entire 36 years.

Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: probably not Oreos, but surely a kind I liked when depressed or something . . .

Had a movie marathon?: Of course, I am a movie-freak, after all.
Spun until you were immensely dizzy?: I’m a big kid at heart and a cool mom–yes!

Been on a plane?: yes, a little plane, probably a four-seater, for one of those little tours over the surrounding area. When I was up in the air, I looked at the pilot and went, “Oh my gosh, I know you; I just graduated high school with you last year! Let me down, now!” I admit, the guy was one of the top two in my class and I am sure he knew what he was doing with that plane, but being flown by a former classmate in my one and only time in the air was a bit traumatic!

Ran into a wall?:Of course I have, for I am a natural born clutz. Not only that, I have been known to run into an open cabinet door, back up, and run into it again!

Been rejected by a crush?: Story of my life . . . “I like you as a friend, but . . .” or “Ewww–I don’t find girls with short hair feminine!” or any other reason you can come up with.

Cried in public?: yes

Cried over a movie?: too many times

Pranked called someone?: Considering how upset I was when I got pranked called by a group of jerks in high school, over and over, I don’t think I would stoop that low . . . I would have had to have been under the influence of some really bad friends to have done that. Can’t remember any time, but who knows what I’ve blocked out . . .

Gotten a cavity?: Too many, and I am sure when I see the dentist Monday I will find out I have another!

Broken a bone?: Ankle bone, leg bone right near ankle, both pinky toes.

Fallen from a tree?: Probably at some point.

Passed out?: From illness, more than a few times. From alcohol–not since my failed freshman year of college back in the eighties.

Do you believe …?

in miracles?: yes

in magic?: in Wiccan type magic–that stuff? yes! In David Blane, David Copperfield trickery–no!

in God?: God is an alien that all religions are descended from–at least that is how I cope with the world’s religions having so many similarities. And I think it could be true.

in ghosts?: yes

in luck?: yes

in love at first sight?: lust at first sight at least, or a strong attraction at first sight. I think it is possible . . .

in Santa?: no, and I hate letting my kid think there is one, too! I hate lying to him!

in the Easter Bunny?: same answer . . .

in witches?: yes

in wishing on shooting stars?: no

that cussing is a necessity in life? not a necessity, but unfortunately I have trouble kicking the habit–I am a trucker’s daughter, after all!

yourself?: yes, yes I do–thanks for asking!

Love and all that –

Do you consider love a mistake?: “no, just be careful what you do with it”–was my girlfriend’s answer, and I have to agree with it. Didn’t agree with much she answered, which makes me wonder how we are friends, but I agree with that–mostly. I guess I have been hurt more times and I am more bitter.

Who and when was your first crush?: a boy in kindergarten–I think his name was David.

First thing you notice about the opposite sex?: their personality, eyes, hair, piercings and other fun stuff that sets them apart from the rest.

Right this moment…

What are you wearing?: a tie-dyed T-shirt with a fairy on it and a pair of Tinkerbell pajama pants

What are you worried about?: Family finances, finishing NaNoWriMo, and most importantly, getting all my homework done this semester and doing it well, for it is my first graduate semester and I am nervous!

What book are you reading?: textbooks–too tired to look up the titles right now.

Are you bored?: no time for boredom

Are you tired? no–high on caffeine from Coke; that and I was so drained I slept all day today and yesterday and night.

Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone?: no–hate IM and phones.

Are you listening to music, if so then what? none

The Last…Dream you had:: I cannot remember offhand . . .

Nightmare:: I have quite a few, but cannot remember the details and I wouldn’t share that anyway.

Time you cried:: Recently, in pain and frustration, trying to get work done but body doesn’t want to comply.

Movie you watched:: Phoenix, starring Ray Liotta

Movie you rented:: Phoenix–it was a Netflix rental

Book you read: The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot

Word you said: Probably a curse, as I shifted in this chair or my hand began to go numb.

Time you laughed:: Quite often, while answering these questions, at memories they provoked, at the absurdity of the questions, and at what great lengths I will go to both procrastinate from homework but also go to enlightening the readers I am surprised I have on my blogs–dual purposes that do not coincide. Someday, my writing will be my only work–unless I have to teach as my “day job.”

Person to call you:: A girlfriend of mine
CD you played:: INXS Greatest Hits

Song you listened to:: Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the radio

IM sent or received:: Haven’t sent or received for years . . .

Time you yelled:: Friday morning

Person you yelled at:: my son, trying to get him to get ready for school

time you were a skirt:: last Sunday for India Day.

Your favorite:

Type of gum:: cinnamon

Season:: spring

Type of weather:: warm weather–I do not bear cold weather very well with my health

Color:: purple and green

Perfume:: Estee Lauder’s Pleasures

Pizza topping:: extra cheese

Fruit:: kiwi, mangoes, raspberries
TV Show:: On DVD’s, for we do not have access at home (budget reasons)–”Rescue Me” and “Oz”–favorites from before, all “Law and Order”and “CSI” franchises.

Day of the week:: Friday–my day to rest and recover!

Month:: December

Number:: 9

Sport to watch:: hockey!

Flower:: pansies

Finally…Time Finished:: 4:58 am

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